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June 2019

Juvenile Child's Morning Routine

Yellow will rise,

Morning will shine.

Sleepy eyes,

Alarming time.


Hard to get up,

Shout wakes you up.

It's five o'clock,

Down for breakfast.


My head lies

Above the table.

Can't open my eyes,

And nap could be enable.


An annoying tapping of the table,

Mother's getting our attention.

Hurry eating the food on the table

And getting up for our preparation.


Taking a shower,

Brushing teeth,

Wearing trousers,

Getting neat.


It's almost seven

Let's ride in a car.

"Do I have a pen?"

"Check it before gets too far!"


On the way to school

Isn't the air too cool?

Few miles away,

Can't wait to play!

(by Ezar Co ~ June 26, 2019)


An Innocent Man

An innocent man,

Being seen as a murk,

Understate by the Wiccans

And he's been shirked.

He is in blame.

He is in shame.

Don't play the game,

'Cause you don't know his name.

(by Ezar Co ~ June 30, 2019)


An Innocent Man

July 2019

Spare Me

Spare Me

Spare me some food to eat.

Spare me some money to pay.

Spare me some air to breathe.

Spare me some time to play.

Hoping to feel your care,

'Cause we lost our welfare.

Goods for others to share,

Nothing left for us, it's unfair!

I am your son as your priority,

You should do your responsibility.

Maybe I don't give prosperity,

But I'm still your son in this family.

Spare me some dream to invest.

Spare me some time to listen.

Spare me some fruit to harvest.

Does it going to happen?

(by Ezar Co ~ July 2, 2019)



It's around midnight,

It chills me by the night.

Better cover up tight,

So I could sleep tight.

Feel very exhausted,

Can't stand up from the bed.

I might feel the red,

Should have to take a med.

What will happen to my plans

If I have this case of mine?

I must recover before the time runs

Or my dreams would get behind!

A month of May,

It is Saturday,

Final statement came.

Procedure must take!

The process commenced,

Felt the small drop out.

Hypotension and fainted!

Starting to blackout!

Lie down, almost done.

Getting stable, thankfully!

A wave from my lungs,

Dripping out gradually.

The cause could kill me,

But I fight to heal me.

Wanted to recover soon,

So my dreams would pursue.

(by Ezar Co ~ July 18, 2019)



Future started to fade.

Pictures are already paled.

For the dreams I made,

Wasted time I gave.

Sinking in a profound sand,

Cannot breathe in this mess.

Nobody can hold my hand,

Shall drown into hopelessness.

The death began to appear,

Darkness couldn't be clear.

Crying into heavy tears,

But anyone couldn't hear.

(by Ezar Co ~ July 20, 2019)



It's already blind

Nothing on my mind.

No one is kind,

Already left behind.

Rather not to live

In this unfruitful life.

Nothing to give

Just stab me the knife.

God has no mercy!

Maybe he doesn't exist.

Reason of life unworthy

To the raging disease.

(by Ezar Co ~ July 20, 2019)



August 2019


Bubbles came but it pops.

Smoke came but it fades.

The fruit bore but it rots.

Moon showed but it wanes.

Never grow up and getting old.

Never see the sun, it's very cold.

Can't climb the wall, it's too tall.

Trying to roar as if I were bold.

Can't see the light along my path.

Can't see the way along my past.

Can't find the truth among the lies.

Can't find the soul through a vast line.

Crawling on the ground,

Reaching pennies and dimes.

Still haven't found,

Grieving prestige and time.

All the birds started to migrate.

All the cats follow their fate,

Just to see their own horizon,

Just to find behind that beacon.

Not knowing the odd future.

Not knowing a new culture.

We all know much of thinking.

Couldn't know what's happening.

For every question we had,

Can't find any answer to pass.

Too much sacrifice we had,

Ourselves were lost and passed.

(by Ezar Co ~ August 9, 2019)



An ordinary boy who dreams success,

Wishing to be the best among the rest.

He tried and tried even he's stressed,

Nothing to worry he would pass the test.

He's been the archer,

Targeting like a master.

And, he's been the prey,

Hunted and fooled in a game.

But he never leaves his bat,

He will fight and stay.

He is ready for combat,

And the game is about to play.

(by Ezar Co ~ August 11, 2019)


A Sudden Flare

I may appear with a white feather

And once you call me a master,

But I turned out as your danger

And you all stay away further.

I may be a ghost who's been isolated,

But we always meet as if we're united.

All fake people who treat me as a friend,

Wishing these things could be ended.

I may be your worthless puppet,

But I just stay calm and quiet.

I may forgive but never forget,

For some things I couldn't regret.

(by Ezar Co ~ August 27, 2019)


The Secret Message

To my dearest procreator,

Who couldn't able to soar,

With their pride and honor,

And scorned their children's favor.

The dying dream couldn't endure,

For their hearts might not be pure.

They never see the real nature,

They never see what to be nurtured.

They don't even see the message,

For every turn of our page.

They already started to age,

But our desires still locked on the cage.

We speak up but no one listens.

We move up but nothing happens.

We give up but they keep their silence.

We break out and turn on the sirens.

O procreator, such a coward.

Our lives never move forward,

Crawling towards a graveyard.

Hoping we could save by the lifeguard.

But, children never stop dreaming,

For their lives would be worth living.

Every journey has a great meaning.

Hoping one day, it'll be captivating.

(by Ezar Co ~ August 28, 2019)


A Sudden Flare
The Secret Message
Nine Point One

September 2019

Nine Point One

You might be a true family,

Inviting us to the party.

Telling us to wear ruby

Just to be lucky and funny.

Waiting to pick our raffle entry,

As if we could win the stupid trophy.

Tragedy always came like cavalry

And we always feel the anxiety.

Running through thorns,

Coming over the storm.

I guess we should go home,

Thought we had never born.

When will the tables turn?

When they will able to learn?

We have nothing to earn,

But we want something to burn.

(by Ezar Co ~ September 14, 2019)


Stubborn Hap

Every shout, couldn't able to hear.

Every temper started to feel the fear.

At my heart, daggers were pierced.

Brought all the pain through the years.

Every move I wanted to make,

Always a huge mistake.

Every step I wanted to take,

Often fall down through the lake.

No wonder where I should be placed?

For every thin line I had paced,

I still never see any trace.

Just wanted to have my own place.

Everytime I chase my passion,

Health might be the condition.

Taking risk is my prudent decision.

For every success shall be my resurrection.

(by Ezar Co ~ September 19, 2019)


At Spot

They never trust me.

They never proud of me.

They never support me.

But I'll show them the true me.

I am their big burden,

But someday I'll be golden.

Bearing the fruit at the garden.

Seeking prey to be eaten.

Every present I have,

Would be never enough.

And I will never stop,

For my star will engulf.

(by Ezar Co ~ September 19, 2019)


Graduation Day

It was the day of commencement.

Feel through the people's excitement.

Another chapter would be ended,

To our journey that's been amended.

It could have happened once,

But it is our lives' significance.

As we find our own balance,

We started to move in advance.

When the ceremony is over,

Celebration would be at supper.

But the blues came over,

And happiness had been covered.

Never feel the great day,

No adorned gifts to display,

No fun to make us stay,

Just a sky full of gray.

Too much things to depress,

Always been such a mess.

Heartache through my chest,

I just have nothing to express.

(by Ezar Co ~ September 28, 2019)


Stubborn Hap
At Spot
Graduation Day
A Vivid Memory

October 2019

A Vivid Memory

All in our hearts and minds,

We see the art behind.

Flashbacks and rewinds,

Are the marks that would remind.

Sitting on old sofa and just alone.

Recalling stories with telephone,

Seeing the picture that's been drawn,

Showing colors at this old home.

All the things that we never forget

And nicest friends that we had met,

Were part of our lives and our secrets,

And shall be completed our palette.

Looking to the east and wish you're here,

Familiar voices were began to hear,

Ineffable emotions and flowing tears,

Living the memory in every year.

(by Ezar Co ~ October 3, 2019)



I have no room to be alone,

When everyone calls me on my phone

And waiting for me at our home,

But I wanted to stand on my own.

I'm turning twenty one,

Things must be done.

But, just for once,

Let me free and run.

Why does everyone need me?

For a while, wanted to leave my family.

But I guess, letting my happiness be free,

Making each and everyone happy.

(by Ezar Co ~ October 16, 2019)


We Are Here

We are just your nobody.

We never give any lucky.

We are just unworthy.

We never be happy.

Please hear us out!

Stop making any doubts!

We'd never fade out.

We can reach the clouds.

Don't look us down,

We are in same town.

Helping each other around,

Even if the world has gone.

(by Ezar Co ~ October 16, 2019)


We Are Here

December 2019



What's happening to this world

When we are no longer safe?

What'll be the look of the world

When crime victims can't escape?

Our country is getting haunted

And filled with ghosts along the way.

Some children were caught and faded,

No space for us to make us stay.

Too much shadows that we afraid of

When darkness has been invaded us.

They sneaking out like a hungry wolf,

Taking their chance but no one sees us.

This place was occupied by the wicked,

A place where we are not much protected.

When will immorality be ended?

Who will fight for the justice that's needed?

(by Ezar Co ~ December 10, 2019)


No Eld To Bow

No care and respect to serve,

Along the crumbling path ain't to deserve.

Feels the chill through my nerves

And keep spiraling over the curve.

As I always took the blame

And getting deep down with shame.

Suffering from all the pain

And wearing the heavy chain.

Following your order,

A cruel law you offer.

Have nothing to cover

Over myself to hover.

Getting rusty and useless

To this life full of madness,

Where all ran out of success

Just like a game of chess.

(by Ezar Co ~ December 30, 2019)


No Eld To Bow
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