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Major Subjects Taken From
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

Introduction to Theater / INTROER

This subject introduces us to learn the parts and types of the theater, people who are in theater, and apply it based on what we've learn by managing a small exhibit through renting a venue, borrowing an equipment, etc.

Technical Drawing 1 & 2 / TECDRA1 & TECDRA2

Here, taught us how to make plans and elevations manually with a right dimensions through the safeness of the actors.

Computer-Aided Design & Drafting / CADRAFT

Here, taught us to use AutoCAD as our basic software to make plans and elevations in designing.

Perspective Drawing / PERDRAW

This course taught us to draw perspective based on the dimensions given, looking accurately and professionally.

Scene Design 1 & 2 / SCENDE1 & SCENDE2

This subject taught us to design scene based from a play script through analysis and design concept and apply it to a maquette/scale model.

Stage Effects and Props 1 & 2 / STAGFX1 & STAGFX2

Here, taught us to make an armor, prosthetics, puppetry, mask, and cast molding.

Stagecraft and Set Construction / STAGCRA

In this course, we execute the design based on the plan and elevation by constructing using wood and/or other materials.

Costume History and Execution / COSDES1 & COSDES2

This course, we study the clothing from different eras, and details of their clothing like the fabric they used during those times. We try to mix eras which could fit to the modern period and make clothing.

Technical Direction / TECHDIR

Here, we study the role of a Technical Director and try to analyze some situations given and we try to solve those situations.

Introduction to Film / INTFILM

This subject introduces us to learn the basic needs and content in making a film. It taught us to write a script and film it based on what we have learned to this course.

Film Design / FILMDES

Here, taught us how to design film with a right process through analysis and concept. We try to look out different locations based on our design concept.

Cinematography / CINMATO

This course taught us different shots, angle, and make storyboards with those elements. It taught us also every details that might seen in the camera and space that fills inside the frame.

History of Furniture / HISFURN

Here, we study the furniture of different eras and how it evolved through times. Also, we study every details of furniture through their motifs, materials, and finishing.

Lighting Design / LIGHDES

In this course, taught us how to design the lighting and analyze the possibilities when it lit.

Advertising Design / ADVEDES

This course taught us how to design a brand, for a brand and events through the right process and every details that will not affect for the company.

Production Proposal and Planning / PRODPLN

Here, it is our preparation for the thesis. We will decide to execute a film or a theater play. We create set, costume, and props designs that we'll going to execute it individually. In addition, we make research and plans like analysis, concept, and budget for the thesis.

Production Execution and Evaluation / PRODEXE

This is the time we're going to execute our designs and evaluate by the panelists in order for us to defend our designs based on the concept and analysis of the chosen play or film. This is an individual thesis.

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