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In the midst of the darkness, I will illuminate even more brilliantly. The stage is my playground, where I breathe life into sets, costumes, and props. My passion and skills served as my power to create immersive experiences that resonate beyond the surface.

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Ezar Henry Co is a dedicated and versatile Freelance Production Designer. In 2018, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts in Production Design from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, marking the start of his artistic journey.


His introduction to the world of performing arts started at a young age, appearing in a school plays like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (2002) and “Bathalang Laor” (2006). As time passed, the transition to Production Design was inevitable, as a passion for design and storytelling took root.

In his college years, Ezar engaged in various projects, encompassing roles serving as a Production Designer for Indak ng Panahon” (2017), a thesis film, and later transitioning to become the Costume Designer for a thesis film, Juan Diablo Pablo” (2018) after graduating. Additionally, Ezar contributed design expertise to a school play, “La Revolucion Delos Santos” (2019) and “The Addams Family Musical” (2023), as well as advertisements for esteemed brands such as Dr. Martens (2019) and Breeze (2023).

His journey has culminated in a skillful fusion of creativity, aesthetics, and craftsmanship, resulting in the ability to convey narratives through captivating visuals. Exploring Ezar’s portfolio offers insight into a dedication to transforming concepts into vibrant realities. Collaborative opportunities are warmly encouraged, as he continues to bring visions to life in unforgettable ways.



Ezar Co embarked on his professional journey with a year-long internship in February 2017, achieving a significant milestone with the establishment of Ezar Co Design in August 2017. Commencing a substantive career in the entertainment industry in February 2018, he marked a notable milestone of 2 years in the field by year 2020. Despite an unforeseen hiatus prompted by the global pandemic, Ezar resumed his professional pursuits in May 2022 and holds the honor of having achieved 3 years and 7 months of professional experience in the entertainment industry in the year 2024.

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