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Ezar Co featured in ChinoyTV about his inspiring story of what Chinese-Filipino value influenced him and how his significant moment that created an impact in his life. Read his story:

“With my passion and my skills, I would not let these things stop from what it had ended. I'm going to continue their growth to harvest the fruit that bore through the hard work I planted and cultivated. I want to learn and explore more beyond my knowledge and experiences.” This is my own statement I set in my mind.

The value of Chinese-Filipino that influences me is being business-minded and loving their culture. Learning their language, Mandarin and Hokkien, and gaining high grades on these subjects during high school because I’m interested in learning it.

Aside from that, being business-minded, your passion relies on. And my passion relies on theater, which started when I was three years old. I did acting and be part of a school play as one of the dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. During high school, I was assigned to design a stage for a school event and this is where I began to be a designer and continue my interest when I entered college, took up production design at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and embarked myself in an organization, from the set department and shifted to the costume department to explore and learn more about costumes. Furthermore, I grasped my fondness and engaged in both sets and costumes.

I also do sideline work when I was in college at the age of eighteen. Having internships to gain more experiences, even though I had done my course’s job training requirement. After I graduated, I seek work in some companies that are related to my skills but got rejected. And it didn’t stop me for what I had done. I said to myself that, “If no one wants to hire me, what if I provide my own company that would share my skills and somebody could able to see what I can do.” So, I build my own business at the age of nineteen where I sell my own services, market it, meeting clients, and dealing transactions. Through these, I learned to be independent and practical in terms of my dreams.

As a designer and young entrepreneur, I plan things and my long-term goal of what I wanted to do or what I wanted to become, this is my own perspective. Regardless of the ups and downs, taking it as challenges, facing it with courage and focus on the star you wanted to achieve. I open up my mind about the future and reality. Life is quite short and we might expect the unexpected.

As my journey continues, I keep these inspirations and progressively catching up on my goals while taking long roads just to find the never-ending success.


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