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Theater Versus Film

People, nowadays, want film than theater. Some are doesn't even know or haven't seen any theater show. Some like film because it is challenging. But what is the difference between theater and film?

Although they are both media productions, theater is more challenging than film. See the chart below:

In the theater, they didn’t use a green screen. They make the scenery natural and realistic. In the film, they can use a green screen to cheat some locations, parts of the facade, or to add effects within the area or position.

Theater, all performances are live and musicals are way more challenging than straight play versus film. All musicals, actors sing while dancing or making any movement simultaneously which looks hard because you have to maintain the energy from the rehearsals up to the opening of the show until the day after the opening. Plus, you have a hundred or more people watching the actors during the show. While the film, you have ‘cuts’ or the number of takes to make the acting perfect and somehow recorded by a camera. And in the taping area, there is no audience but the production team could only watch the actors.

In terms of the tricky parts, like crashing things, falling things, explosion, or flying objects, these effects could apply in both theater and film. For the theater, they used technicalities to achieve it and magic happens on live. Unlike the film, they make cheats to achieve effects, and magic happens through editing.

Regarding the ticket pricing and production, the ticket for a theater show is pricey while the film is affordable, yet both are limited production showing in theater houses. Both are protecting their copyrights that’s why they really have to limit the productions. But, the theater is more secured than film. The film is produced in disks or on certain media platforms after they screen on theater. Yet, through these, some people make piracy copies of films that are illegal.

Theaters and films are both forms of entertainment, we should love them. We may be inspired through these media and finding the connection through the communication showing to us. Emotions to share and emotions to feel, that’s how we have lived for.

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