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Ezar Co Design: The Services Offered

Ezar Co Design engaged in production designing such as set, costume, and props for theater, film, television, and more. We also do fashion designing, prosthetics, graphic designing, event styling, and other art services.

Here are our major services that we were offering:

1. Production Designing

Designing the set, costume, and props, responsible for all in one person. It could be theatrical, film, television, or commercial same as Set Designing, Costume Designing, and Props Making.

2. Set Designing

Set designing is under of Production Designing and it is also known as scene designing. The job is creating a setting or making a vision of a location for a scene based on either imagination or reality that would set up on stage or in a big space.

3. Costume Designing

Under the Production Designing, creating a design of clothing to wear, whether based on history or modern. It emphasizes the character through the portrayal of costume.

4. Props Making

Props could be the accessory of the whole production that would envision the role and scenery. Either handling things or part of the set, which is seen visually rather than imagining. It is also under of Production Designing.

5. Design Execution

The design will become alive by making the structure, based on the layout. In short, from sketch to actual piece.

6. Fashion Designing

Making a clothing design to wear which could be avant-garde or chic. It applies the aesthetic and making a strike to the public that would lead to the statement of personality.

7. Prosthetics

Adding special effects to the costume such as scars, blood, bruise, etc. that would depend on the character to portray. These are fake touches that is looking real.

8. Plaster/Resin Casting

Duplicating an object by getting the exact shape through making a mold and finishes either using plaster or resin.

9. Graphic Designing

Digital art can be still or in motion. It can be a photo, video, or other formats that use technology. Still images that can be printed and used for marketing such as posters, flyers, or brochures. Also, it can be posted through social media platforms.

10. Event Styling

Decorating and organizing events or on such occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversary, and more with preferred theme and/or motifs.

For inquiries, you may contact us at our following accounts:


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