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NLECPH: Let's Talk About This

Updated: May 18, 2020

NLECPH (National Live Events Coalition – Philippines) released a campaign for the Filipino workers who are working on Live Events industry, such as concerts, theaters, staging suppliers, festivals, freelance production workers, and more.

Their statement: "It is imperative that the Live Events industry be recognized as many furloughed staff from live event agencies and companies in this industry stand to lose their jobs. These companies simply won't be able to afford to keep their employees with zero revenues coming in. Many of these businesses may collapse without government support."

"More than just another form of entertainment, Theater is a reflection of society. It is indispensable. The Filipino Theater worker helped train the spotlight on the excellence of our nation's artistry and technical skill on the global stage. These workers rely on professional fees per production, per performance. Without shows to do, they earn nothing. They deserve to be heard."

"Weddings are life's most cherished occasions celebrated with family and friends. Based on data on the number of weddings held annually, this sector in the live events industry has the biggest contribution through the planners, organizers, stylists, florists, designers, caterers, photographers and workers whose livelihoods depend on such social events. The current ban on mass gatherings has brought this sector to a grinding halt."

"The AVL (Audio, Video, Lighting) and staging suppliers along with all the other companies that provide logistic services for Live Events invested heavily in equipment, technology and manpower to provide the best, cutting edge experience for Live Events. With the industry in the dark, they face a long uncertain future with their businesses in crisis, and their investments in jeopardy."

"The freelancers are the unsung heroes behind every live event. They are the people who took personal risks to be masters of their craft and experts in their field. They create something new in every opportunity. They, along with the families they support, left the comfort, security and benefits of a full-time job for their love and passion for the Live Events industry. They deserve to be heard."

Like all Filipino workers, artists and production workers have been affected by the pandemic. The government should support us.


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